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Rate My Medicine is a free resource for Australian patients to understand and learn about medical cannabis options available in Australia.
How It Works

Cannabis medicine reviews
by real patients

Cannabis is a very personalised medicine
and learning from what works (or doesn't work) for others can be
very beneficial to patients across Australia.
Explore your options
Cannabis medicine is still new in Australia and learning what's available for your condition could be challenging.
Educate yourself and your Doctor
As patients share their experience on Rate My Medicine, you might come across similar situations to yours that you can discuss with your Doctor and specialist.
Share your experience
Review cannabis medication so other patients and medical professionals can learn what works and what doesn't for patients.
Know what to expect
There is a lot of secrecy around cannabis medication and patients often don't know what to expect.
Community power
Cannabis medicine changes many patients' lives for the better and they are often willing to share their experience in a hope that it may help others.

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Submit your medical cannabis product review to help others learn more about specific products.

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Educate yourself about cannabis medication available to you.

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