Australias Favourite Medical Cannabis Products

May 10, 2021

We embark on the journey to find Australia’s favourite medical cannabis flower and other cannabis products. As our patients leave more and more reviews on Rate My Medicine, we’ll start compiling charts top lists to help identifying cannabis medication that helps most Aussie patients.

Stay tuned and help us by reviewing any cannabis medication you have used.

  1. I’ve been a proud cannabis user it’s made a lot of change in my life I’ve lost 130 kilos I used to smoke everyday depressed and never spoke to anyone it has changed my life.
    Please help us to clean the streets we purchase 28 grams $300
    The way you are selling cannabis is very expensive I pay for 60 grams almost $1300 I don’t think I can continue paying that much I’ve been getting it from The Black market it’s cheaper quicker and don’t have to wait for anyone’s approval.

    Instead of making it so expensive why not make it cheaper than Street prices that way no one is going to buy from The Black market.

    How are you going to help people when our most stress is income money and how we gonna get it how we can make it in this world most people smoke because of stress not having money not having a place to stay now I have to think where I’m going to get my money for smoking and nothing else because my income does not cover food shelter and smoke.. some of us can’t live without it we rely on it so please stop overcharging us it’s not going to help us it’s only helping yourself..

    • Hello Ziad, thank you for sharing your situation, well done with your weight loss and turning your life around.
      Yes, you are right, we need more affordable medication and I’d say also government subsidy via the The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) or other means.
      I am hopeful that as more cannabis medication becomes available on the market, the prices will continue to decrease and if the government also chipped in, cannabis medication could be available to everyone in need.
      We can’t rely on the government subsidising it of course, but increasing supply over the coming months and years will inevitably work in our favour and push the prices down further.

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