Medical Cannabis User reviews are now available to Australian patients

May 10, 2021

Medical cannabis has been legal in Australia for a few years now and patient numbers are growing fast. More and more patients find symptom relief using medical cannabis, and the future is looking promising.

As the number of patients keeps climbing up, demand is increasing for quality cannabis medication. As demand is increasing, more medications become available at a lower price. This process is benefiting Australian patients over time.

The importance of educating yourself

It is more important than ever for patients to educate themselves about their options when it comes to their health and lifestyle.

Here at Rate My Medicine, we believe that transparency behind cannabis medication is very important. Being able to learn from other patients can be hugely beneficial when it comes to healing.

Educating yourself and discussing your finding with your doctor and specialist enables you to make more informed decisions about your health and wellbeing.

Share your experience with Cannabis Medication

Just as you can learn from others’ experiences with certain medical cannabis products, so could others learn from yours. Please take a moment to review the medication you used so others can learn from your experience as well.

It takes only a few minutes to complete a product review and it can be of huge benefit to many patients in need.

  1. how do i order with my script..thank you

    • Hello there,
      We are unable to assist with your order, we are a review platform, where patients can learn more about cannabis medication from other patients’ reviews. Please contact your doctor or clinic or pharmacist and they will be able to assist you with ordering your medication. I hope this helps.

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